Grey Garden Screens

Our grey privacy screens are the perfect compromise when you can’t decide whether you want to go for light or dark, and the beauty of grey is that it goes with anything. Stylish and subtle, yet with a charm of their own, our grey screens will truly give you the best of both worlds.

Elementor Products Archive #11153
Elementor Products Archive #11153
Elementor Products Archive #11153

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Why you want a Grey Privacy Screen


By choosing one of our grey screens or grey garden trellis, you are not only getting a high quality, sturdy wood composite panel for your garden or home, but you are also leaving your options open when it comes to colour. Easy to dress up or down, the neutrality of our grey will make changing the look of your home a cinch.


There’s something soft about grey; it’s not as solid as black and not as delicate as cream, and yet it has a distinctly dreamy feel that would suit both feminine and masculine décor. A Grey garden screen will add an almost ‘Victorian’ vibe to the garden, especially with climbing roses or vines making their way across.

The Perfect Partner

As the most neutral of our colours, the grey screen is the ideal partner to loads of other shades, including beige, taupe, and cream. Adding space and light, especially in a smaller garden, our grey will open up the space while retaining a cosy feel, and would look especially fabulous when used to build a pagoda or hot tub area. Grey garden screening is the trendiest colour in 2022!

It’s Great for Interiors, Too.

Choose one of our 5mm screens in grey and you will be able to completely transform a bedroom or living space, creating a beautiful sense of hygge – comfortable, warm, and cosy, but also airy and bright. Hung on a wall, any one of our screens would make a great alternative to art, or choose a folding screen to divide up the space and add depth.

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