Ivory (Off-white) Garden Screens

If you have your heart set on a paler colour scheme for the home or garden, you should definitely opt for our Ivory (off white) screens. Available in a variety of sizes and patterns, these ivory screens will add a luxurious touch, wherever you place them.

Elementor Products Archive #11153
Elementor Products Archive #11153
Elementor Products Archive #11153

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Reasons why you need an Ivory Garden Screen this year

Bedroom Chic

Wallpaper is fast becoming obsolete in favour of plain walls and simple colours, and the added advantage of that is your walls then become the perfect blank canvas. Break up a darker colour by hanging one of our 5mm screens in ivory (off-white) on the wall, turning it into a unique and stunning focal point without being too intrusive.

Make Light of the Garden

Break up the uniformity of plain garden features with a cream trellis screen. Available in a huge range of designs, our panels can be fitted horizontally on top of a fence to add height and privacy, while still looking welcoming and open.

Keep Things Soft

Some people like dark colours, and others like light, and if you fall into the latter category, ivory is a much more versatile choice than white, which can look harsh and too stark. Soften the look while sticking to light with one of our ivory screens. Whether you want it for privacy in the garden or to divide a space, our cream options will add a gentle smoothness to the rest of the décor.

Add Warmth

While white can seem a touch cold when used in the home or garden, ivory is a warmer option, making it a fabulous choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and gardens alike. Nights in front of the fire or evenings on the patio will both take on a warm glow that could never be achieved with bright white.

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