Tall Trellis (180cm x 30cm)

Our tall garden trellis is the perfect alternative to the classic design, fulfilling all the duties of a standard trellis but with the addition of beauty and uniqueness. Measuring 180cm x 30cm, these larger panels are the ideal choice for bigger spaces and more extensive gardens.

Elementor Products Archive #11153
Elementor Products Archive #11153
Elementor Products Archive #11153

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Why Every Garden Needs Trellis

Trellis has long been a feature of gardens, and it’s hardly surprising; they offer so much versatility. Traditionally made with a criss-cross or squared design, trellises were used for climbing flowers or vegetables, providing a frame for plants to grow against, but our trellis does so much more than that.

For Fencing

Placed on top of fence panels, our easy to cut fence trellis toppers can be positioned horizontally to add both height and beauty to your boundary. Intricately designed, they will not only increase the privacy of your garden by adding an extra 30cm in height, but they will add an exotic feature that will instantly transform your outdoor space.

For Flowers

Fence trellis has been a staple in many gardens for years to provide a frame for flowers and plants to grow. Buck the trend and add beauty as well as functionality by installing one or more of our wooden trellis panels against a wall or fence, and train climbing plants to meander and weave their way up these alluring garden features.

For Decoration

Of course, garden trellis panels can be used for practical reasons, but ours are so attractive that they make stunning installations all by themselves. Make a feature wall on the outside of your house by installing a single or multiple panels side by side, either uniformly or staggered to create a beautiful focal point of an otherwise plain wall.

For Effect

Our fence trellis comes in three different colours, so they can be used to either blend in to your colour scheme, or stand out against it. Add drama to a pale background by using our black panels, or break up a darker wall by opting for the gentle cream. If you’re looking for something in-between, though, our gorgeous grey fence trellis is the perfect compromise between the two.

For Disguise

Walls and fences often have flaws, and it can be expensive to put them right, so why replace them when you can simply cover them up with an elaborate trellis, instead? Hardwearing and robust, our tall garden trellis panels can be used as fence toppers to hide ugly scenery, on a wall to cover stains, or as decorative privacy trellis to cover holes left by knots on the fence. Why not couple up your trellis with our beautiful collection of garden screens to match.

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