Kids Room Custom Screens

A child’s room is often their favourite place; it’s where they sleep, hear bedtime stories, and keep all their toys and books, so it makes sense for you to make it as special as possible. Our Kids’ Custom Screens are designed to not only add magic and decoration to their space, but to add an element of personalisation to make their space “theirs”.

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Three Reasons Why Kids Will Adore Their Custom Screens For Kids Room

A Reading Nook

It’s not just adults that need their own space, and our custom screens allow you to create a cosy nook for your child to read in, play in, or simply just ‘be’. Blankets, bean bags, a lamp, and their favorite toys will make a place they will really enjoy, and because each screen is personalized with their name, they will truly feel like they have their own personal chill out zone.

A Tidy Space with kids custom screens

Getting a child to keep their room tidy can be stressful for both parties, but having a customized screen can be a brilliant compromise. Keep their laundry basket and bin behind the screen so they’re out of view, or alternatively give them a place where they can store their toys and books as untidily as they like, but still out of view of the rest of the room.

Privacy screens for kids room

Kids need privacy as much as adults, but it can be difficult when they share a room, or when a sibling likes to see what they’re doing. Give them a way to be alone when they need to with one of our superb personalised screens, the perfect shield from prying eyes. We can customise the screens or add hinges to make them freestanding for much like our room dividers.

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