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Redefine your living spaces with our Aluminium Screens, where artistry meets practicality, bringing timeless charm and contemporary elegance to any setting. Lightweight and easy to install, these screens offer a seamless blend of style and durability, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Their professional powder coating ensures longevity and resilience, while intricate laser-cut designs add a touch of modern sophistication, allowing you to infuse fresh vibrance into your surroundings with ease.

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Aluminium Garden Screens

Enhance lounge or living spaces with aluminium screens that bring charm, elegance, and personality to any space or setting! 

From custom aluminium screens made using lasers to ensure precision cuts to our distinct selection of styles, colors, and varieties, we are the shop of choice to UK residents who return to us time and time again for the great support, speedy shipping, and quality aluminium screens we offer; your expectations will not be denied!

Laser-made and handcrafted, our screens for patios, gardens, and outdoor living spaces are a great way to personalize your sanctuary and with them made from durable steel, you can order aluminum screens for patios/gardens assured as ours are hand-made and rated to last and look new for ten years or more.

Give flowers space to grow and thrive, transform your outdoor areas to pinnacle beauty and perfection, and let the true potential of your landscape shine with – the largest, most credible name in the metal screen game!  Join us as we review our garden screens that surpass expectations; our craftsman, round-the-clock support, and satisfaction guarantee assure you a peace-of-mind experience!

Want to buy aluminium garden screens that can last and weather any storm?

Searching for garden aluminium screens but cannot find a style for your taste?

Need new garden screens but do not want to wait many weeks for their arrival?

Fret not, as with nearly three hundred aluminium screen designs to pick from, you can shop confidently as we have screen sizes, colors, and designs for all design tastes and visions!  Seriously, from ones with floral designs to ones with mosaic and intricate patterns, our catalog of metal screens has you covered!

On top of this, we are fast to get orders en route to their new home and usually ship them out within a day or less, and they come with free tracking, so you can track its journey to you all steps along the way!

Yard and Garden Aluminium Screens

Ready to spruce up your yard, garden, or patio spaces with aluminium screens built to last and impress?

If so, we are enthused for you to see what the hype over our metal screens is all about!  From turning a dull garden into artful beauty, to elevating bland landscapes to garden-of-the-month stature, we here at offer a range of stylish and elegant garden screens not to be found anywhere else!

Bring life to spaces, and impress guests or family with our hand-made, laser-refined metal screens that blend art and function into one.  As the original, most trusted and reputed supplier of metal aluminium garden screens in the UK, we strive hard to protect our hard-built rep and ensure your total satisfaction with our support, delivery, and screens that will surely surpass your expectations in every way possible.

Did you buy an aluminium garden screen online in the past but were unhappy with what you received?

Or perhaps you bought metal screens for a garden and liked the design but not its build quality?

In any case, these will not be concerns with us at your side as our screens are leaps ahead of others in terms of stylingand craftsmanship, and can offer years of joy and style to any living or outdoor space!

This is not all, though, as when you buy aluminium garden screens online from us, you will not only gain access to our unique and exquisite selection but to our round-the-clock team of support specialists that are here to make your order/experience an unforgettable one; your satisfaction is atop our priority list!

Metal Art and Screens, Refined and Perfected!

Our metal panels are ideal for privacy, gardens, landscapes, and climbing plants that need space to grow and thrive!  Let your garden or hangout spaces shine with custom and creative screens that enable your settings to make a bold statement, your only regret will be wishing you bought one sooner than you did!

Setting us apart from others is our unwavering focus on great support and quality products that can last.

And unlike mass-made, industrial-produced screens, ours do not lack durability or personality given the high-grade steel used to produce them, which is done by hand under the supervision of a high-expertise craftsman who uses cutting-edge, laser-driven technology to perform precision cuts to pure perfection.

As the largest gallery and collection of metal screens in the United Kingdom, you can shop for metal and aluminium screens assured as we have styles and varieties that blissfully showcase your yard to its true beauty potential!  Peruse our aluminium screens here to have one picked out and at your home in days!

Run Dry on Metal Screen Ideas?  Our Selection Has You Covered!

If you are like most who take great pride in their yard and garden, it is safe to say you want an elegant or custom aluminium screen that reflects that, and if so, our expansive catalog has you covered with many aluminium screen designs to pick from!  So, if you are unsure of the style you want, just browse the ones we offer here as we know you will see one to fall in love with, your garden will look the best it ever has!


Superior Metal Screens and Panels for Yards, Patios, Gardens, and Indoor Spaces

Want to buy aluminum garden screens that last and impress?

Then our durable, hand-made and crafted screens are for you!

Our outdoor privacy screens are superior to other manufacturers whose quality-control standards lag far behind those of, where care and precision are atop the priority list of our craftsmen who have decades of expertise in the field, so buy assured as all aluminium screens we manufacture are done to the highest of standards possible with only the most durable of steel, paint, and materials used!

We at LuxuryScreens thank you for your visit and look forward to you enjoying great perks that include:

  • Swift domestic deliveries on orders of £100 or more.
  • Durable, hand-made and crafted screens made in the UK.
  • Fast and efficient support from a 24/7, round-the-clock team.
  • Convenient shopping and checkout given our user-friendly site.
  • Secure orders as payments are encrypted using bank-grade measures.

Browse our selection of Garden Aluminium Screens today to have yours arrive to your door in no time at all, and if you ever have issues or queries do not hesitate to reach our team who would be glad to assist!

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