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Room dividers are absolutely essential for the modern home. It is a beautiful way to partition your studio flat into a manageable space, or separate your open plan kitchen from the living room. Introducing both foldaway room dividers in composite and our new range of fixed room dividers in metal with a powder-coated finish.

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Metal and Custom Room Dividers

Want to buy a screen room divider that brings privacy and elegance to your space?

Or perhaps you need custom screen room divider that reflects your personal taste?

No matter the case, Luxury Screens is here to make it happen, and in quick fashion!

As a cut above the rest, our screen room dividers let you spruce up any room as their many styles ensure you find one that is as unique as your home and tastes!  The nicety of our quality screen room dividers is they are compact and take up very little room, so there is no need to worry over having enough space to fit one.  If you want to elevate your space and partition rooms in style, our metal room dividers have you covered, and will prove to be the best investment you have made into your space so far, we assure that!

Join us as we cover our selection of room dividers that let you make the most of space at home!  We are glad to have you here, and if you ever have any issues or questions that need answers, give us a shout to enjoy swift and insightful help from a support team that puts your good experience atop the priority list.

From fast shipping to swift support to metal screen styles not found elsewhere, you will wish you found us sooner than you did!  See our selection here or read on to see why we are a customer-favorite brand to residential and commercial customers who wish to add privacy and efficiency to their home or office!

Screen Room Divider

Envied but never duplicated, our screen room divider selection is ideal for the modern home as they are hand-made, artfully styled, and crafted to leading, quality-control standards that give them years of life!

Tastefully partition rooms, spaces, or studio flats into efficient and manageable spaces with our screen room dividers that bring privacy and function!  Crafted from durable steel and powder-coated with the highest quality paints and materials, our screen dividers are as beautiful as they are long-lasting!  Trust Luxury Screens, and view our collection to give your goals, needs, and spaces the screen it is calling for!

Metal Room Divider

Work from home or have guests staying over?  Our metal room dividers are an easy way to give you or guests privacy! Many use them to partition rooms to have a private and dedicated work or office space, while others might have friends or family visiting for the week for whom they want to give some privacy.

No matter the case, the metal room divider selection we offer has you every need covered!  From floral metal room dividers to ones with intricate style, to our floor to ceiling room divider that will likely be the new centerpiece of your office or living space, we offer all room divider sizes and styles under one roof!

Floor to Ceiling Room Divider

Unlike most floor-to-ceiling room dividers, ones at LuxuryScreens are not mass-made but rather made in small batches by hand to ensure beauty and rigidity! Made by hand in small numbers, our room dividers for floor to ceiling needs are as durable as they come and are crafted to compliment homes they go into.

Partition your kitchen from the living room or your bedroom from the home office with floor to ceiling room dividers that are as eloquent as they are durable and functional! Luxury is entirely committed to quality products and customer satisfaction, and this will reflect when you order from us!

Bespoke Room Divider Selection

With nearly fifty room divider styles to pick from, and more added regularly, shop assured as we have the style you have in mind for your space!  Ours are hand-made from premium composite materials, and have a stunning matte finish that goes great with any kind of home or office décor.  They are also simple to enjoy as our small room dividers fold up and require zero assembly while our large room dividers take just a few screws and minutes to set up; we make it easy to transform your space, just how it should be!

Folding room dividers are an easy way to set up an office, lounge, or private space to call your own, but with the unique and elegant designs they come in, they are also a great way to express your personality, and an even better way to transform a dullish space into a beautiful setting that brings you joy on entry.

Get the best and put the best UK craftsmen to the test with Luxury Screens!  We not only offer pre-made room dividers but ones made to order too!  If you searched to buy a room divider online but have yet to see one you like, fret not!  Our made-to-order dividers let you customize one to liking, just reach us with your request and we will bring your ideas to life, we also offer custom engraving if you need this service.

Metal, Custom, Folding Screens

Thank you for visiting us at Luxury Screens, we are glad to have you here, and look forward to excelling your home and design goals with swift shipping, great support, and quality-built products designed to last, and ones that bring style and function to any setting!  Named by most as the best room dividers they have had, customers entrust us time and time again for the quality work our craftsman perform, and our powder-coated, laser-made and refined metal room dividers are crafted to last years to come!

We look forward to bringing you a product that will bring daily joy and function to your spaces; view our collection or contact us to order a custom room divider to have yours arrive at the door in no time!  We are here to help all steps and anticipate giving you the great products and experience we are known for!

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